What is CPP Disability Benefits?

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) disability benefit is the largest long-term disability insurance program in Canada. It is designed to provide financial assistance to CPP contributors who are not able to work regularly because of a severe and prolonged disability (as defined by the CPP legislation). Service Canada pays monthly CPP disability benefits to eligible applicants and their dependent children.


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CPP Disability Benefits denied ? 

Don't despair we are here to help.

We have options to ask for Reconsideration within 90 days of Initial denial of benefits. We must do it in writing and you must send it within 90 days after the date you received your letter of denial. Reconsideration is the first step in the administrative review process in which you have to appeal Canada Pension Plans’ decision. 

Our next step can also be appeal your case to the Social Security Tribunal of Canada. Dealing with the SST on your own can be a very difficult and stressful process.

Why choose us for CPP Benefits?

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