Humanitarian & Compassionate

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Who can apply under H&C

Are you not eligible under any Immigration Category?

H&C Factors

  • Family ties to Canada who are Canadian Permanent Residents or Canadian Citizens

  • Employment in Canada albeit often without a valid Canadian work permit

  • Education in Canada albeit often without a valid Study Permit in Canada

  • Volunteer work in Canada•Upgrade of English skills

  • Savings and property in Canada

  • Social ties to Canada in their communities

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You may still be eligible to apply for Permanent immigration under Humanitarian & Compassionate depending upon your personal and financial circumstances!!

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H&C Processing time

There are two stages of approval. A successful H&C applicant will be:

  1. Allowed to apply for permanent residence in Canada for humanitarian and compassionate reasons, and

  2. Approved for permanent resident status in Canada.

An applicant who is approved at the first stage could still be refused at the second stage. This could happen, for example, if they do not meet the requirements for permanent resident status.