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Express Entry was first introduced in 2015 and, it is used to manage the three major Canadian Economic Applications for Permanent Residence Express

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

  • Canadian Experience Class

​Each category has different eligibility requirements outlined in Immigration Refugee protection Act and Regulation.

How does it work ?

Meet eligibility criteria among one of Federal categories.


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Submit Application for Permanent Residence within 90 Days of Receiving ITA (Invitation to Apply)

How we can help you ?

  • All the relevant documentary proofs will be gathered from you.

  • All the forms will be completed  with accurate information.

  • To avoid any kind of misrepresentation, all the information will be reviewed meekly and under a keen observatory eyes.

  • We also draft detailed cover letters and submission letters to support the application stating how our client meets the eligibility requirements to make the decision maker easier to take the decision.

  • We will provide you updated information about application on same day of receiving any update from IRCC.

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