Visitor Visa 

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People who are looking to visit Canada for a holiday, or to visit family, or to conduct business should apply for a TRV before they arrive in Canada. The TRV come with some restrictions which are subject to various conditions. Canadian citizens or permanent residents are not required to get a TRV to enter or re-enter Canada.

Some Basic  requirements to obtain Visit Visa

  • Applicant must prove that he/she will not become burden to Canadian economy

  • Must prove that they will leave Canada before the expiry of their visa

How can we help in getting Visit Visa?

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  • Prepare Invitation letters, Submission letters and detailed cover letters supporting application

  • Review all documents in detailed manner to  confirm that they comply with visa office's requirements

  • Take every initiative to avoid any kind of misrepresentation on your file.

Who require eTA?

If you are from one of the countries which do not require a TRV to visit Canada, then you might have to get an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). You must check if you need an eTA before arriving to Canada and apply for one.